Have an interest in history and adventure? We recreate the history of one of America's bravest units of the 18th Century- the First Maryland Regiment. The unit consists of volunteers who portray the Infantry, Fifes and Drums, and the Distaff (ladies) of the Continental Army. If you are interested in participating with us, contact the First Maryland Regiment at an event or via email. We can help you get started with a loan of some clothing and equipment. If you find this to be something you want to do, our veterans can point you in the right direction to equip yourself properly.

Please consult us before you buy! There are many sutlers with inaccurate equipment and materials. We can advise you which ones to go to that have the correct items thus saving you MONEY to replace items that aren't correct and accepted by the Regiment based on research!

All applicants must fill out and submit an application for membership. Submitting an application for membership indicates one’s willingness to comply with 1MR rules and standards. Before firing a musket, you must pass a safety test. Dues are currently $20.00 per year for individual membership and $30.00 per year for family membership.

Click HERE  to email us or see us at an event and introduce yourself!

The accoutrements and uniform of the Maryland soldier at various points of the American Revolution.
  • A- Musket- 2nd Model Short Land (Brown Bess) or Charleville 1763-1766 model with sling, flash guard and hammer stall
  • B- Cocked hat with white tape binding and white & black alliance cockade
  • C- Leather cartridge box, white leather strap
  • D- Regimental coat , "Lottery" or "Tench Tillman" pattern
  • E- Bayonet & carrier, white leather strap, black leather sheath
  • F- Waistcoat of linen or wool
  • G- Breeches linen or wool
  • H- Stockings
  • I- Gaiters- black painted canvas, pewter buttons
  • J- Shoes- buckle or ties, rough out
  • K- Overalls or gaitered trousers, linen or wool
  • L- Haversack, linen
  • M- Bayonet
  • N- pick and brush
  • O- Hunting shirt, open front, linen
  • P- Leather cartridge box, white fabric strap
  • Q- Eyeglasses
  • R- "Monmouth" cap, knot wool cap
  • 1- Round hat
  • 2-Linen Jacket
  • 3-Cartridge canister, painted or Japanned (Sgt. or Officer)
  • 4- Leather cartridge box, white leather strap
  • 5-Trousers, linen, tow, etc.
  • 6-Socks, wool
  • 7-Garters, black leather
  • 8-Canteen, tin or wood
  • 9-Bayonet & carrier, white leather strap, black leather sheath



That's a lot of stuff! How much does it cost?

That depends on several factors, such as your own sewing ability, used or new gear, etc. Basic gear can be from one to two thousand dollars, but that can be spread over a year or two. The greatest cost is usually your musket. Loaner gear is available from the unit, as well as some individuals.

How many events are there, and do I have to go to all of them?

The number of events we attend varies, but usually there are 6 to 12 per year. The events that we attend is determined by vote at our unit meetings. If you are a recruit, you are expected to attend at least 3 events in the first year.

Can I wear my Daniel Boone buckskins and carry my cap lock?

Not in this unit. We are always trying to improve our impression to be as historically accurate as practicable. Research and improvement to our kit and our knowledge is a never ending activity.

What do I need to start?

Willingness and ability to learn drill, battle and camp life in a safe manner. For uniform, a hat, shirt, hunting shirt, neck stock, breeches, stockings and shoes can get you onto the field.

Remember, with just a little work your impression can go from this...


..to this fine impression!